Programme de rénovation L'Epicerie 3 appartements Saint Martin de Belleville Savoie France
NEWS - ARTICLES30/06/2020

L’EPICERIE – end of works / delivery of apartments

Our renovation program, L’Epicerie, ended with the delivery of the last apartment in June.

This program located in the historic center of Saint Martin de Belleville was close to our heart since we undertook to renovate an emblematic building of the village.

The result is more than satisfactory since we have successfully preserved the architecture and style of the old building while giving it an identity. The extension, the “new” part, fits perfectly into its environment.

With 3 apartments, L’Epicerie is today a privileged place for our new owners. We gave another life to this building and exploited its potential to bring out the best.

You too are tempted by our new projects and invest in Saint Martin de Belleville.

Today we have realized the dream of 3 buyers … why not you?