Les Chalets de la Combe - avancement des travaux
NEWS - ARTICLES14/10/2020

Les Chalets de la Combe – 2nd works phase

The second phase of the works began in October. The nailed wall and the stabilization of the ground allow us to start the earthworks and the foundations of chalets 1 & 2.

The assembly of the 35-meter-long hoist was made possible by the creation of a concrete base to seal its frame.

The tracing and construction of the foundations will be carried out by smaller mechanical devices located 6 meters below the level of the main road, the road La Combe.

From the street located upstream of the project, more than 14 meters high were dug to allow the raise of chalet 1 on 4 levels.

The next step: raising the concrete structure of the chalet to show the final framework of the project, putting it out of water with the assembly of the framework and the roof before winter …