UPDATE : Chalet Escapade work in progress – A.M.O. mission (assistance for project management)

Work on the interior of the building continued throughout the winter: all the screeds have been poured and the partitions are nearing completion. The electrician and plumber are also completing their networks, and the secondary trades will be starting up again this spring: carpenters, painters, tilers…

Now that the interior volumes have been completed, we can look forward to the interior finishing work that will continue until autumn.

As Assistant to the Contracting Authority (A.M.O.), we continued to provide advice and support, analyzing and comparing the various bids received from contractors, conducting negotiations and updating the financial statement for the project.

At the end of the winter season, work will continue on the exterior: stone cladding and facing, finishing cladding, balconies and retaining walls.

But our mission will extend beyond the design and construction phase, as our agreement also includes acceptance of work, monitoring the lifting of reservations, and the expiry of the one-year guarantee of perfect completion. The aim is to bring a project to a successful conclusion over the long term, while respecting our commitments to our customer.