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    Description du programme immobilier

    The “Chalet Chanterelle” is located in Villarabout, a hamlet only 1 km from Saint Martin de Belleville.

    This project is an example of a renovation of a house in the early 1980s: the entire concrete structure was laid bare on three levels to be completely renovated into a contemporary luxury chalet.

    The renovation was carried out with local craftsmen with recognized know-how, especially for the work of wood and stone. The result is a harmonious balance between these materials both inside and outside the chalet.

    Details of the facilities

    • 6 bedrooms with 6 bathrooms spread over 3 levels
    • A large living space with kitchen open to a living room with open central fireplace
    • Large terrace with an outdoor spa and balconies for optimization of openings to the outside

    Visuels du programme immobilier

    Vidéo du programme